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Dr. Juan Albino of the Village Sleep Lab strongly believes in proper diet, a good attitude, appropriate support systems, regular exercise and what he finds is most neglected: the right amount of sleep.

Dr. Albino, who is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, diagnoses and treats patients in the Spanish Plaines Medical Plaza near The Villages Hospital. Click on "Sleep Tips" and "Common Sleep Problems" on the right for more information about sleep apnea and other common sleep problems. We provide countless services including Sleep Problems, Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Sleep Studies and more. Visit our Service page to learn more. 

Meet the Doctor

  • Juan A. Albino, MD
    Medical Director of The Village Sleep Lab Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

    Dr. Albino has been in practice for more than 30 years and formerly held positions as Associate Medical Director and Chief of Adult Medicine in Southboro, Massachusetts.

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Sleep Neglect: "We sleep a third of our lives, yet little attention has been devoted to studying sleep and its disorders.  Sleep apnea, a common and devastating disorder, was practically unknown 25 years ago."

Sleep Apnea: "Sleep apnea can have severe consequences.  These include poor performance on the job or sexual side effects such as impotence.  Sleep apnea may result in mood swings, depression, memory problems, industrial or driving accidents, hypertension, heart attacks, heart failure or stroke and postoperative complications. It's like having high cholesterol, only worse - and sleep apnea worsens as we get older.  Sleep apnea can range from quite mild to severe, and it can be fatal.  Sleep apnea and obesity promote each other in a vicious cycle."

Primary symptoms of sleep apnea are night snoring and daytime sleepiness. Obstruction in the back of the throat causes the patient to stop breathing and results in poor-quality sleep, leading to daytime fatigue.

We diagnose sleep apnea by performing a sleep study (polysomnography), preferably in the sleep laboratory, where the patient is hooked up to various detectors and observed by a sleep technologist the whole night.

In a separate room, we observe transmitted information on the patient's stage of sleep. When the patient stops breathing (apnea), the blood oxygen level drops, impacting the heart, lungs, brain and kidneys.

Under certain circumstances, a sleep study may be conducted within the patient's own home (click on the "Procedures" tab above for more information about sleep study procedures).

Proper treatment with a positive air pressure machine and mask allows sound sleep for both patient and spouse. That's a profound and satisfying impact on a couple's life, for without good quality sleep, we cannot really be healthy and happy.

For More Information, call Village Sleep Lab, Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine: (352) 751-4955.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Philip Ratliff
    Patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    My association with Dr. Albino over the years has been very rewarding. Of course, his recognition of my sleep apnea problem saved my life, and the resulting improvement in my quality of life has been nothing short of phenomenal. Beyond that, his sponsorship and support for our Sleep Apnea Support Group has been outstanding. He is always there when we need him. His presentations are timely, interesting, and usually generate many excellent questions from the members. Thank you, Dr. Albino.

    Read more about the Ratliffs' experience and about The Villages Sleep Apnea Support Group

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